We Have Started A Reddcoin Advertising Fund In An Effort To Raise Enough Money To Advertise Redd-ID On Coinmarketcap.com
We Have Started A Reddcoin Advertising Fund In An Effort To Raise Enough Money To Advertise Redd-ID On Coinmarketcap.com

Hello Reddheads,
Some of you know me as Reddcoin Community on Youtube and @TheRDDCommunity on Twitter. I started my Youtube and Twitter accounts to start coordinating massive Reddcoin tip dates. On specific days all of my followers and subscribers send Rdd to Youtube content creators via the Reddcoin Twitter tipbot. Our aim is to get the attention of the content creator and show the power of Reddcoin micro-tipping as a tool to fight Youtube demonetization.

You may also be aware that we have started a Reddcoin advertising fund in an effort to raise enough money to advertise Redd-ID on coinmarketcap.com. Hopefully, we can make this happen soon after the launch of Redd-ID but we need your help.

As I am writing this we have raised 278904.928 rdd. Roughly $300 at today’s price. Not too shabby guys! However, to get on coinmarketcap.com we need a minimum of $2000. I hope that a price pump soon after Redd-ID’s launch will help push us to our goal but we are still very far from that.

I’m asking for the community’s help as we go forward with this. If you believe in Reddcoin and want to see it succeed you can help us make Reddcoin mainstream by helping to fund the advertisement. We see that many crypto-heads are still unaware or misinformed about Reddcoin and we aim to change that. This advertisement should do just that.

I know that as a community we can make this happen! Just look at dogecoin, their community was able to sponsor a NASCAR, and the Jamaican bobsled team! I think our community can handle a $2000 banner ad! Plus Reddcoin has an actual purpose! If you are only in Reddcoin as an investment look at this donation as a way to further that investment. If you love the concept behind Reddcoin and the community I know I can expect your support!

You can donate a few different ways.
1. Send Rdd directly to the wallet: RvFpRETQSHiPLDbbGP2tViYBPJ9hF6Pqdf
2. Use the Twitter Tipbot:
@tipreddcoin by sending it to @ReddcoinAdFund
Don’t know how? https://youtu.be/cwOZh9km94E

Want to check up on how much we’ve raised to far and make sure I’m not stealing your precious Rdd?
1. Follow @ReddcoinAdFund on Twitter where I will be asking @tipreddcoin for info on my balance daily.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated and to all who plan on donating! Let’s make Reddcoin mainstream!
Make sure to:
1. Follow me on Twitter, @TheRDDCommunity.
2. Follow the donation account, @ReddcoinAdFund.
3. Subscribe on Youtube to stay up to date. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmKj0FauqoQWrpRfaM3srmQ

ReddCoin Wiki Author MrAlanC

Mission Statement:

I created ReddCoinWiki.com to create a resource that was missing. I’d go on YouTube and find people asking how different parts of ReddCoin works. After seeing many people on camera completely confused I knew I had to do something. That’s when I created ReddCoin Wiki. The website is made possible by donations from viewers like you.

Your donations are appreciated: Rk1x3TrihysKCMoreQZT3PFnU1mBZxG9n3