"I am working on Reddcoin Core 2.1" "We also pick up a feature we will need for mobile staking later." @Henry

A ReddCoin developer that goes by @Henry on the ReddCoin Developer Slack chat has let out several details on the upcoming version of ReddCoin Core Wallet 2.1. We have compiled the best of those facts here in one place for your convenience. The above illustration is a mock-up of the ReddCoin Core Wallet 2.1 and not based on any official imagery.

Key details released regarding ReddCoin Core wallet 2.1

  • The ReddCoin Core 2.1 update will increase the speed of the wallet’s synchronization process. Remember the first time you opened your core wallet and it took days to sync? ReddCoin Core 2.1 looks to improve the sync time dramatically.
  • ReddCoin Core 2.1 will include an update that will enable the ability to stake ReddCoin from mobile devices in the future (this feature won’t be available at the time of 2.1’s launch.).
  • ReddCoin Core 2.1’s release is expected Quarter 4 of 2017.

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