We are working to see if ReddCoin is a good fit for the Changelly exchange.
We are working to see if ReddCoin is a good fit for the Changelly exchange.

I have been in contact with Mark from Changelly.com (one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges). We are working to see if ReddCoin is a good fit for the Changelly exchange. Mark requested the following information and you can see I answered it to the best of my ability. If anyone in the ReddCoin community has something to add feel free to comment.

Changelly Exchange

Concerning ReddCoin:
We are always interested in integrating new, promising coins.

First off, I need to learn more about your company. Please send me answers to the following:

1) What is your product plan?

We are currently in talks with a developer who hopes to integrate our coin with his app Nimses which hs over 1 million users (see info on this here: http://reddcoinwiki.com/2017/08/08/nimses-developer-reaches-out-to-reddcoin-regarding-in-app-integration/).

ReddCoin is made for tipping socially. You can currently send and receive ReddCoin tips on twitter with no plugins needed (http://reddcoinwiki.com/2017/07/31/how-to-send-receive-reddcoin-on-twitter/).

We have a Redd-ID coming out the 4th quarter of 2017 which will allow users to send ReddCoin to one another via their usernames vs. having to send tips to each others wallet addresses (more info on this here: http://reddcoinwiki.com/2017/08/05/reddcoins-john-nash-confirms-redd-id-is-functional/

How you are going to compete with other currencies?

We are working to get ReddCoin integrated in apps and services making it more competitive with other coins.

2) Do you have wallets or any other services that could potentially allow instant conversion from bitcoin? How many monthly users do you have? We have an instant exchange API and payment widget that can be integrated into many wallets or other services.

We offer the ReddCoin Core Wallet here: http://reddcoinwiki.com/2017/08/01/how-to-download-use-reddcoin-core-wallet/ and have API available. We could get API details for you if needed from our lead developer. I am trying to get details on monthly users from our lead developers yet.

3) Do you have your own blockchain technology?

ReddCoin uses the blockchain and has its own unique system developed that allows users to “stake” coins. Which is similiar to mining, but doesn’t use cpu/gpu resources. It just requires a online connection through the wallet. Here’s more on staking:

4) Are you already listed on Poloniex or Bittrex? What is your daily volume.

We are listed on Bittrex, not on Poloniex yet although we are working to get listed. I will need get speak to some of our primary developers to get our daily volume figures.

All the developers hang out on the Slack channel. We would love to welcome you to the channel and answer any questions here: https://rdd-dev.slack.com/messages

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Mission Statement:

I created ReddCoinWiki.com to create a resource that was missing. I’d go on YouTube and find people asking how different parts of ReddCoin works. After seeing many people on camera completely confused I knew I had to do something. That’s when I created ReddCoin Wiki. The website is made possible by donations from viewers like you.

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