Is The ReddCoin Mobile Wallet Project Dead?
Is The ReddCoin Mobile Wallet Project Dead?

A few of the things ReddCoin users are looking forward to most is the upcoming Redd-ID which we speak about in the article article over here and the ReddCoin Mobile wallet. I’ve reached out to ReddCoin Developer Andy Cresswell (a ReddCoin developer who volunteers his time free of charge) on multiple occasions requesting an update on the overall progress developing the mobile wallet. We have yet to here back from this bold developer. Is the ReddCoin mobile wallet project dead?

A tweet from Andy Cresswell created June 19, 2017 begs to differ. In the tweet Cresswell notes the web wallet is coming along quicker then anticipated and a closed beta is live.

Sounds exciting! We are still trying to get in touch with Cresswell. We’ll keep you updated.


ReddCoin developer @bmp02050 recently read this story and had this to say:

“Hey Alan, I’ve been working with Andy on debugging the mobile wallet. We’re waiting on the new electrum wallet to be released by lionzeye and Andy was also dealing with personal issues. If you could at least include in your article that its on hold momentarily until electrum 2.0 is finished, that would be a little better than the threatening tone your piece is displaying.” -@bmp02050

We want to remind @bmp02050 there is no threatening tone here, only transparency. We would also like to remind readers that all ReddCoin developers are unpaid and strictly on a volunteer basis. Donating their own time for the good of the community. Thank you ReddCoin developers!

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