ReddCoin's Slack Chat Is Active 24/7 And Your Invited
ReddCoin's Slack Chat Is Active 24/7 And You're Invited

ReddCoin has a Slack channel (chatroom) and it’s active 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you own ReddCoin but you’re not part of the ReddCoin Slack channel, you are missing out. If you never used Slack before it’s simply a chatroom service. It’s free and couldn’t be easier to use.

Slack ReddCoin Chat
Slack ReddCoin Chat

To join the ReddCoin Slack channel click here. Then create a free account. This will take under a minute. Once you create and account of sign in you will be in the ReddCoin Slack channel labled #General. This is where most of the discussions take place. Everyone is welcome to join.

You can send & recieve ReddCoin tips instantly on the ReddCoin Slack channel by using the command Reddbot tip mralanc 4,000. Of course you will want to swap out the username mralanc with the user you wish to tip and 4,000 with the amount of RDD you wish to tip.

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